Welcome to Strengths of my Heart


I have decided to start blogging. Not sure if that is a smart thing to do or something that is gonna take up even more time and throws part of my life ‘out there’ for others to have an opinion on. It has the potential to hurt me and to hurt others. It’s not meant to cause that.

What am I going to write about? Well, about God’s unfailing Love. His Faithfulness, His Care, His Awesomeness and my struggle to accept it all.

About my kids, my struggle to raise them as sons and a daughter of Christ. And about me, as I venture into the new reality of widowhood with four young children.

If you came here as a friend, family or someone I have never met; I hope that, through my journey, you get encouraged, strengthened and touched. And that it explains a bit of what goes on in my life.

If you came here as a (young) widow, I sincerely hope and pray it gives you courage and hope to go through each day. Babysteps will get you there. Just breathe.

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One thought on “Welcome to Strengths of my Heart

  1. Michelle van den Bos recently sent on fb “Riding the waves” and I’m hoping you might let me share it in a book/journal I am compiling about “living with loss” (all acknowledgements to you the author). I am asking those who are on this challenging road to share how they live the daily loss. My story involves many losses: some being my type 1 diabetes diagnosis at 12, my Grandma, nephew, youngest brother (of 6 kids), Dad – followed 3 weeks later by our daughter Jess, born dead at full term. I too want to glorify God in my choices and raising my other kids 2 boys. This year Jessica would be 10 in September and I hope to produce a journal of daily thoughts that other people have found help them through each day. Bronwyn


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